Amulets ar trikatas saktas ornamentu

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44.00 €
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Sudrabs ādas aukla
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It is a round bronze brooch featuring a concave red enamel. A breakthrough. The brooch was discovered on Libirti burial grounds and dates back to the 3rd century. The pattern is abstractly geometrical, pointing out its Baltic roots and connection with a very ancient cultural tradition and style. The brooch is richly decorated – it contains various signs and symbols of figurative meaning, which are important to the Baltic culture, i.e. Latvians. The circle depicts Sun and the whole wide world. The cross – a symbol of God's creative power and blessing. Four swastikas or Fire Crosses symbolize Thunder's four sons, lightning bolts of the Cross – God of Thunder himself – the creator and ruler of the world. The square in the middle of the brooch and cross – the primal thought, idea, impulse (of God). It is also known as the small table, which represents the succeeding evolution path of the entire world on a small scale. It is the sign of four unions – four basic elements of the world's creation, four cardinal points, four winds, four seasons, etc. They symbolize the center of all affairs – a shelter for souls – the light. Bronze – the color of earth and life. Red – battle, love, sacrifice. The brooch is unmistakably linked to solar symbolism – it indicates rotation, dynamics, continuity. Sun is the provider of all good, the protector. Viewed mythically, the brooch, which was discovered in Trikata, tells a story about the World, which is created, exists, and keeps growing. It happens as a result of interconnection between God's creative (power of thought) initiative and the material strength of Thunder and his valiant sons. The World is created from a thought, an idea, through cooperation and awareness of a common goal; from noble and selfless work integrity of great powers and invincibility. Such is the symbolic meaning of the brooch. It is a finery of a high spiritual and social prestige, which still speaks its magical power also today.
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